Which is better: microblading or powder tattoo technique?

Microblading and powdery tattooing are some of the more recent permanent makeup techniques. They are quite famous and have already gained popularity among many girls who follow new products and trends in beauty. Powder coating and microblading have many advantages. At the same time, they differ in many criteria. Each of the girls who decide to make a permanent tattoo, powder coating or microblading is likely to face the question of choosing: which procedure to choose? In this article, we will reveal all the secrets and subtleties of these tattoo techniques to make it easier for you.

Microblading: features, advantages and disadvantages

The procedure is a manual technique of permanent tattooing, during which micro incisions made on the skin with a nano-needle. In this case, the pigment for the eyebrows injected into the upper layer of the epidermis makes it possible to extend the shelf life of the procedure up to 18 months. Eyebrow microblading melbourne is a nano-technology that allows eyebrows to look as natural, beautiful and neat as possible.

Microblading has many advantages, among which are:

  • Naturalness and naturalness. Not all girls are fans of bright makeup. A feature of microblading is its moderate brightness and saturation. And most importantly, the eyebrows after this procedure look very harmonious with any makeup.
  • Duration of the result. Eyebrows after such a beauty procedure do not need to update for up to 12-18 months.
  • Low injury rate. In comparison with hardware tattooing, microblading performed manually using a unique handle – a manipulator. With this method, the master independently controls the entire procedure and the depth of pigment injection. There is also no vibration, which significantly reduces the likelihood of injury.

When is the microblading procedure recommended? First of all, for the correction of the shape and shade of the eyebrows. With its help, any form of the eyebrows can be corrected and give them grace and beauty. And by mixing the main and additional pigments, you can get a stunning eyebrow shade. Also, microblading experts recommend this procedure for those who wish to mask scars, scars and other visible defects.

Who is microblading suitable for? Microblading is ideal for those with dry skin. On non-greasy skin, microblading characterized by the duration of the effect and the preservation of its original appearance. In addition, this technique is suitable for those who have natural eyebrows.

If you decide to do microblading, you should prefer a real professional when choosing a master. The final result and the type of eyebrows depend on the master, skill, experience and professionalism.

Besides the advantages, microblading has some disadvantages:

  • scars: if the procedure is not carried out correctly, due to the lack of professionalism of the master, scars or scars may appear;
  • not suitable for all skin types.

Powdery eyebrow dusting: advantages and disadvantages

The eyebrow powdering procedure is a hardware technique in which the eyebrows are painted with a special paint superficially. Powdery tattooing is considered a painless and non-traumatic beauty procedure. Its peculiarity is that it performed in the shadow technique. It creates the look of tinted eyebrows. It is worth noting that such an effect is quite natural and graceful to highlight the eyebrow. Permanent makeup, contrary to popular stereotypes, looks very honest.

Who is the powder brows tattoo suitable for? Compared to microblading, powder coating offers a brighter brow colouring. For this reason, this type of tattoo recommended for girls who love more glowing makeup in everyday life. Also, powder coating is perfect for those who want to add volume to their eyebrows visually.

Eyebrow powder is suitable for all skin types. Girls with oily skin do not have to worry about losing the original appearance of their eyebrows.

The procedure has no drawbacks if a professional master performs it.

Microblading or powdery eyebrows: differences

The reason for many controversies is often the question of which is better: microblading or powdery eyebrows. Each of the techniques has its characteristics, advantages and differences. Let’s take a closer look at how these popular permanent tattooing techniques differ:

  • microblading involves drawing hairs and powdering – the effect of shadow colouring of eyebrows;
  • microblading is ideal for dry skin types, while the powdery tattoo is suitable for all skin types;
  • microblading involves manual tattooing using a special pen – a manipulator. Powder spraying performed using an apparatus;
  • microblading, in contrast to powdery tattoo, is less bright. For lovers of more affluent makeup, a powdery tattoo is better suited.

In addition to differences, these techniques have standard features. Both procedures are pretty lengthy: up to 2.5 hours. It also expected that the eyebrow, powdery tattoo and microblading eyebrow look equally natural and natural. The absence of clear lines, unnatural contours is an excellent advantage of both tattoo techniques. We hope we helped you find the answer to the question, which is better – microblading or powdery eyebrows. Both tattoo techniques are noteworthy and have their advantages. 

We wish all the girls beautiful and graceful eyebrows!