Indian Central Monitoring System or ICMS what it is and why should you care.

You probably have heard or haven’t heard about ICMS or StopICMS. So it may come to your mind what is this ICMS and why you should bother about it? Well to say why will it bother you, are you ok if somebody reads your emails , sees your email attachments and listens to you phone conversation 24×7 , what if someone does his to your loved-ones say your girlfriend , sister your boyfriend , daughter , etc?

You won’t like it right? That’s what Government is planning to do to all the people who live in India. And the system which will make it happen is   ICMS or Indian Central Monitoring System. And yes, Government has no plan to let you know about it. They want to do it without your consent or your knowledge. Correct me if I am wrong, we do live in a free country and we are citizens of India, which is a democratic country, right? We are not prisoners or criminals correct? Don’t know for sure may be I am wrong.