Nehrus, Gandhis, Patels and Bose

It’s been 67 years and we are still facing this challenge, we are still trying to fulfill our destiny.

The India of today has many more Nehrus, Gandhis, Patels and Boses who are empowered with tools such as the internet (and its constantly growing reach) to help face this challenge and steer the course of this nation towards fulfilling Nehru’s pledge while giving every Indian a chance to achieve their destiny. However the actions of our elected officials and the decisions taken by our parliamentary systems seem misguided and will continue to impede our potential for greatness unless and until we begin to fulfill our duties as citizens. After all, how can we expect good governance, without being able to be good citizens?

Today we face a moral conundrum – the protection of civic liberties vs. national security. We unfortunately live in a world that has, and continues to, constantly sacrifice liberty for security, and stripped away the ideals we built our nation on in the name of safety and security. Stripped these ideals before we had a chance to guarantee them. This paradox is manifesting itself today on the issue of the Central Monitoring System.