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The what, why and how of #StopICMS

Note: Take part in the Twitter storm to raise awareness for #StopICMS.

  • Indian Central Monitoring System(ICMS) is being implemented by the Government of India(GoI) this year. GoI started implementation from April 2013.[1] #StopICMS is a campaign against the implementation

Why #StopICMS?

  1. ICMS will be connected with the Telephone Call Interception System (TCIS) which will help monitor voice calls, SMS and MMS, fax communications on landlines, CDMA, video calls, GSM and 3G networks. Agencies which will have access to the CMS include

How #StopICMS?

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  2. Spread the word. Share, tweet, mail this paste and details about #StopCMS. Most people do not realize how important privacy is, and hence don’t care. We cannot simply ignore blatant